90 Days To Healthy Living


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      Description: This 12 week coaching program is designed to help overwhelmed women lose weight and tone their bodies in 90 days so you feel happy and in control.  The program works because it blends self-care with my signature fusion training styles.

      This is different from any other program because I coach women from the inside out, focusing first on developing a positive mindset and creating mental space before combining my customized workouts.  This allows women to tap into those “feel good” signals and to overcome barriers to starting and maintaining a new exercise regime and allows me to assist you with creating new healthy habits.  Many women I work with are stressed and generally have a less than positive attitude when it comes to working out.  They also engage in unhealthy, sabotaging behaviors, which combined with a stressed, negative mind creates the biggest barriers to weight loss success.  I've helped so many busy, overwhelmed women lose weight, keep it off and prioritize themselves using this technique.  I’m ready to help you too!

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