Build In 15


  • Product Description

      Category: Coaching Program

      Description: No time to make it to the gym or don't have a gym membership? Short on time, but still want a total body workout?  No worries, these 15min home workout routines are exactly what you're looking to help you reset and get in shape! 

      What’s included in Build In 15?

      *Meditation and Yoga: Relax and release negative thoughts with our guided meditation.  Work on flexibility and strength with yoga flows suitable for all levels. (5 videos)

      *Bodyweight Exercises:  Designed to work the entire body, these full-body strength training exercises will help you stay fit at home and require no equipment.  The conditioning workouts use the weight of your body against gravity to provide resistance training for your muscles.  (5 videos)

      *Resistance/Strength Training Exercises: Improve muscle strength and endurance using resistance bands and dumbbells right in your living room.  These workouts are designed to help you maintain a healthy metabolism by burning more calories than fat.   Experience improved physical performance, reduced belly fat and higher self-esteem. (5 videos)